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Sales hotline: 021-57858488

About Inductek

Company Culture

Our vision

Committedto developing constantly the new horizon of magnetic component technology and applications, to be the global leading edge of the industry, and to leading the industry progress.

【Our mission】

      Tailor-made for each customer, high-quality solutions, products and services, and global competitiveness of cost are our mission.

【PACT: Our values】

  • Apositive attitude with full approach towards life, work, people and things aroundwhich forms “positive energy” for the management team and company.

  • The pursuitof achievements result to new heights which brings value of individual, team andcompany, so as to create value for society.

  • Dare to try and accept new things, new ideaand methods. Believing in science nonconformist, active thinking, emphasis onstandards and pursuit of innovation.

  • Be tolerant in differences of conflict ofidea, opinion, methods advanced by colleague, friend, family or society. Take ina humble manner to study and listen, this enhances our learning capabilities.

【3C: Our Operation philosophy】


Achieve comprehension of each other by heartto heart communication. For a certain clear target, deliver information, idea,methods to each other in the group in order to reach a common goal.

Cooperation and perfect coordination. Coordination and cooperationbetween departments and individuals in the process of achieving the goal is inevitable.Generally speaking, teamwork spirit means overall situation awareness and focusof collaboration and service spirit .The core of it is to form cohesion bycoordination.

Trust is the responsibility to standby thesituation. In the group, we are committed and practice to one’s jobresponsibility, conscious activity, a basic guarantee to fulfill the duty ofthe company and the society.

【Our spirit and pursuit】

Expertise & Professional are our spirit; Innovation, leading, andworldwide recognized are our pursuit.

【Our quality policy】

We can continue to provide customized andoverall solutions for environment friendly power electronic products andservices in time. We are competitive in terms of price for worldwide customers.

【Our purpose】

Stability in quality, first-class service aftersales and innovative technology.